From poverty to prosperity

Two weeks ago was Bill gates at the American Enterprise Institute. He was there as a guest to speak about the future economics. Bill Gates believes that people underestimate the chance of the labor market. He thinks that people aren’t ready for this big change. He thinks in the next 20 year there will be a great loss of labor. He speaks about the software substitution. Labors like nurses and waiters will be replaced by software. He is against the raise of the minimum wage because that will mean that for companies the choice between a human worker and a software worker will be made much more easy, the software substitution.
The chance that a big man like this, with all his experience in the technological and economical world is right, is more likely and I agree with his statements. For example, I think that indeed many waiters will be chance to a software substitution. First half of the waiters will be fired. think about not ordering through a waiter but through the table. Only to get you your drinks you will have a waiter.

Table to order your drinks.

The bar can then easy erase products that are out of stock. So that the menu never have to chance. and of course the cost of an extra waiter will be very good for the economics of the bar. And maybe you can say, what about the social contacts between waiter and customer? If that is an priority to a customer is will be longer available. Butt if the cost is more an priority then this way maybe your first choice. And then of course you will only have one Barman who looks at the orders and fills the robot waiters who will deliver your drink. Maybe of ease you at the and only have an automate and just a lovely designed bar with a beautifull view.

The only thing I don’t want to agree right away is the increase of decrease of the human wage. Especially in Belgium, with a high social system decreasing minimal wages will end up in more support of the country etc. The social influence of this decrease of jobs is not an easy calculation of decreasing jobs so increasing poverty.

From poverty to prosperity/


2 thoughts on “From poverty to prosperity

  1. frederikroosens

    This new industrial revolution will indeed put our leaders to the test. In order to compete with the rest of the world, our whole social and juridical system should be rethought. On the other hand, I’m quite optimistic: new jobs will be created and humans can do other interesting things. The same thing happened during the previous industrial revolution, and I guess history will repeat itself.


  2. nicolemmens

    Weird thing to hear, it sounds so overly optimistic. I’m sure a guy like Bill Gates is pretty up to date on the situation worldwide and predictions or assumptions made by him are well based, but still it sounds like such an improbable scenario in such a short time. What is stated is, in my eyes, a luxury problem. Like obesity and diabetes due to drinking too much coka-cola. Companies like that are suffering from tremendous weight of social disapproval nowadays, forcing them to change their ways. Look at Coke green for example. Luxury problems are absurd and contradictory but i also feel like they’re easy to overcome given some time and social pressure. If over automation really becomes such a problem , I’m sure society will auto-compensate.



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