something to confess

Okay so I have something to confess, my last article wasn’t actually me. it was an automated message. A cheap (free) one.

There is a more advanced version of this, obviously not free to test out.

Aside from the fact that it isn’t in my particular writing style, I don’t see many holes in the article. This then proves I am rapidly becoming obsolete on this blog page.

With this comforting thought I leave you to comment on your opinion on the automated article. Did you like it? Do you find it reads almost easier than student written articles?


4 thoughts on “something to confess

  1. gerbenpeeters3dee

    Interesting, I’m quite impressed by the quality of the article. I was searching for an automatic comment or reply software, but didn’t find it. Maybe there’s still some work left in the future for ICT engineers. What I did found where some pretty good “paper writing” programs. That may become a severe issue for future professors. It also strengthens my doubts in the usefulness of writing papers in general. I see it as an overload of information that nobody really wants to know. Of course we shall always all have a slightly different opinion on things like that.


    1. nicolemmens

      Agreed! And if you hadn’t mentioned you used a tool to create it i wouldn’t have guessed, but I like your regular articles better tough, this one got a little boring but maybe that’s because it got pretty long.
      I also feel like this article was a combination of multiple other articles resulting into some redundancy and influent reading and I’m not sure but I’m thinking there’s a lot of plagiarism risk here? If it “steals” excerpts from different resources and blatantly recombines them i don’t feel like they could be used legally.

      As far as i know “reposts” aren’t received well by the Internet, but it’s become even easier for scholars to copy paste Wikipedia articles covertly if you run it trough this thing first.

      Then again, plagiarism algorithms are getting pretty advanced too so there you go, automation canceling out itself. Nothing to worry about? 😀



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