Efficiency vs Jobs

I found this ted-conversation about the question:  Efficiency vs Jobs, which should be a priority in modern society? a lot of the talkers opinions are that we always have to be as efficient as possible but that we just have to find new jobs. Some make a big difference between what we do for profit and what for fun. The for profit things will be as efficient as possible. The things for fun will not. Because it’s the proces not the result why you do things for fun. You don’t want a Pc-game played by a pc or just knowing the story of it( then you will watch a movie 😉 ) but you want to play it.

I think that the mainstream of people think the same way but all to superficially, I think no mater what we say today, it still will be totally different. I just hope by the end of this blog it will be just that little bit closer to to futur truth.

Yesterday I though to myself, what if all what we are writing is totally wrong is this blog. What has happened in the past. Because of the industrial revolution people are working less now then before. Could it be that jobs will disappear but that that would be a problem. We will for example work 1 day a week and because of technology we have the rest of the week for all the fun stuff in life.
So you friendly followers. my question to you. If jobs will disappear, will we have to find new ones of get unemployed or will we in the future have double , triple the time for fun?



4 thoughts on “Efficiency vs Jobs

  1. nicolemmens

    This sort of reminds me of your previous post “… Jobs in the future”.

    It’s been confirmed by statistics that people (Belgians) now have more time for themselves than at any time in the past. People seem to be able to fill the void just fine, with many people working “only” half-time already.

    You don’t have to look back that far for a time when only half of the people worked (mostly male workforce) and the world still spun just fine back in those days…


  2. Xiao.QIN

    There are already few people who only worked for around 10 years to save enough money. And then they just be unemployed and enjoy their lives…
    And few days ago, I read a news about a couple who worked for several years and now they just stay at home, eat at home and end all of their social activities. After a year, they only spent very little money. And they seem to have fun in doing so…


  3. gerbenpeeters3dee

    That’s some difficult stuff to think about. I don’t know what other people will do, but I can tell you what I think I’ll end up doing. Having more time to spend, I would try to develop my own skills. I’d like to be able to work with wood, be able to weld maybe even brew my own beer. To put it short, I would kick it old-school. Craftsmanship would be my passion. Having the time to enjoy things we nowadays just rush due to the production orientated society.



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