Hey Siri, why did Apple make you?

Some weeks ago I saw the movie Her. It is movie about a Guy who get’s in love with a computersoftware Samantha, who has the ability to learn.  Of course It isn’t real yet but with a little imagination is can become real in the future. my source, a tedblog* ,  isn’t really statistical but I helps you think outside the box that finding the idea is harder then to produce it if you have the right equipment.
Let us proof that it can exist by contradiction. Siri, done! Siri is the beginning of a computersoftware women who can interact with the surroundings and remember special things you saw. For example if Siri is speaking a contactname wrong, you can help him learn how he has to pronoun it.
Imagine that Siri learns everything you do. Where you go, with who you call, what you say when you call. Siri can find solutions for questions you ask. Now it is only the height of the empire state building. This will only be more spectacular when hardware and software technology increase.
I think it will first start with taking over every callcentre there is. You don’t need to pay people money to look in an excelfile to find the steps people have to take to fix the problem. Siri or Samantha will just understand your questions and reply, keep track of the most used problems and it solves.
After that half of the civil servants will be replaced. All the repetitive working will be taken over by a worker who cost a lot for buy in and only cost energy to work.
What will a civel servant do if he or she can not do something repetitive? how far will it go, how repetitive is has to be for the software. Time will tell

* http://blog.ted.com/2013/06/28/10-old-movies-about-new-technology/


3 thoughts on “Hey Siri, why did Apple make you?

  1. Xiao.QIN

    To answer the question you mentioned in the title, it is because sometime we want to save time or just being “lazy” by using voice input instead of typing. But is it true, that artificial intelligence will replace people? Just think a simple question, beyond curiosity do you prefer to interact with a real person or a robot?


    1. vignero Post author

      I don’t say it will chance fast or go away totally. But how many people allready game online with only the thinking of an other person. For a conversation that means that 80% of the communication is gone, bodylanguage etc. Its easy to say it will not happen. It’s more logic to think it might happen. Look at Japan who has a problem with sex. Some of them , prefer a doll instead of a real woman. For woman there is hard to get a men.
      So my opinion is that it only will increase when the software increases


  2. nicolemmens

    I saw that movie, I thought the concept was interesting but I remember finding it unrealistic at the end. I agree with Vignero, Siri is a handy tool, freeing up your hands when you’re busy, kind of like the AI you see in the Iron Man movies. Like the buttons on your phone it’s just one of the ways we can communicate with technology, people are working on basic gesture recognition too…
    The more human it gets the easier it is to work with… As for the issues with the civil servants etc… you describe, whichever ones haven’t been replaced by a website form won’t be replaced by a talking website form…

    Wasn’t the movie about the fact that it just solved a problem for people having issues with other people ?(Not being able to deal with other people that is and thus finding relief in an artificial version that was made to be perfectly compatible.) Does seem like something that could become an actual thing.

    If you like thinking about this as a concept i recommend you watch “akta manniskor”, a Swedish tv series that presents a dystopian future where robots are now indistinguishable from humans… Give you more food for thought if you liked “Her”.



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