evolution of technology(= Jobs)

Where better to start than http://www.Ted.com. There I found this talk:”Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs?”. Andrew starts his presentation by explaining the close future  of technology. The first big evolution in technology was the steam engine. It made the human muscles redundant. Now a next step is starting: software. The ability of machines to make the human brain redundant. He gives the example of an article from apple that is totally written by software and quote” it’s perfect”. He says that he strongly believes that technology is taking over our jobs.  That the muscles and the human thinking will not be necessary in a lot of cases. But we still have innovation. Because automation is taking of our jobs, we have the time to be creative, to solve the big problems in the world.

I think he could be right. In the far past we needed every hour of the day to hunt and gather food. Because of technology it all went faster and easier. It still is going easier for us. We only have to work  half an hour a day to have enough money to buy food. Now we have time to do sports, ask questions about quantum mechanics , writings blogs,…
That half an hour we now need, can become a minute or a second of our day if all the machines are taking over our jobs. And our lives could be super easy.


2 thoughts on “evolution of technology(= Jobs)

  1. Jonas Meirhaeghe

    First I totally agree that technology can give us more time to do something else than working. Because automatic technology is programmed by a software, it can even give us more accuracy than human actions. Distractions, insomnia, human faults can sometimes lead to big problems. Therefore human activities can have big consequences while technology is more reliable.
    In the other hand, investing in technology give laborers more time to think creative? After a while I think that a lot of laborers would spend their time doing something else than thinking about their job. They will focuss more on family, friends, drinking, … . This can occur damage on the society and economy. What would you do if you had more time while your work can be done by machines?


  2. vignero Post author

    If we see work-time as the time we spending to make money, we can say that we will have more time, so also more money. Actually you could say that we would have, everyone would have more my for family etc so enough money not to work. We all know that if everyone has many money, nobody is rich. You are only rich if there are poor people. So then everybody still have to go to work but just a different sort job then he has now to earn more money then somebody else. If a machine can do your work better, the fastest machine will make the most money, so the people who can buy the most expensive machines will have the most money. Investors will earn piles money and the normal men will just have to find a job that isn’t done by a machine. If there aren’t any he will live under the poor people, having enough food (if the food won’t increase to much in value) but having a booring live in the low social class.
    I think you have to see machines and software as e new workforce. And instead of counting the 7 billion people in the world we will have to count also the machines with is, because they do the same but don’t get fired that easy. if this “people” growth increases that much, the only solution will be decrease the 7 billion real people to come to a equilibrium.
    But to anser on your question, the time people will have because they don’t have a job anymore will be filled with boredom what will , for a while, increase the jobs for social jobs as police , firefighters, “ocmw”-workers,… And this until that generation dies because people know their kids won’t have any future so they don’t take any.



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